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 The Sinister Dialectic - Anton Long

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MessageSujet: The Sinister Dialectic - Anton Long   Mer 14 Mar - 17:17

The Sinister Dialectic

The sinister dialectic (often called the sinister dialectic of history) is the name given to Satanic strategy - that is, (a) the use of Black Magick to change individuals/events on a significant scale; (b) to gain control and influence; and (c) the use of Satanic forms (individuals/influence etc.) to produce/provoke changes.

This strategy, and the tactics involved to achieve it, is esoteric - and its learning forms an important part of noviciate training. Satanic strategy has its ground or foundation in Aeonics - Aeonics providing a means of rationally studying the patterns, processes and energies, both causal and acausal, which do and have shaped individuals and their groupings from societies to civilizations. Further, Aeonics provides a means of interpreting recent events/trends and can predict (within certain limits) future patterns. [A basic introduction to Aeonics is given by the Order MSS dealing with the subject. A more advanced study involves becoming proficient in the advanced Star Game.]

I. On a basic level, the dialectic is concerned with simple opposition - with defiance of what is accepted or conventional at particular times. This is heresy - the Adversarial role, a challenge against both conscious and unconscious norms. This opposition works on two levels - the individual, and society. 1) individual: The strategy is to provide opportunities for individuals to discover the hidden/forbidden within their own psyche, or lead them/influence them toward this. This means catharsis on an individual level. 2) Society: The strategy means Satanic individuals/organizations disseminate (often with no direct Satanic connotations) heretical ideas or otherwise encourage them. The aim of both (1) and (2) is to challenge and thus provoke change, reaction.

At the present time, (1) means rites such as The Black Mass [qv. the Order MS 'Satanism, Blasphemy and the Black Mass'], and other means of inner liberation. (2) means an aiding of what actually is heretical, now - this means upholding (a) inequality (particularly racially), (b) the concept of war, and (c) aiding discussion/spread of information/exchange of ideas/triumphing the cause of those things which actually are heretical, in Law and mostly ignored by the majority such is their supine nature - such as certain views regarding events in World War Two the propagation of which are illegal and which render the person spreading them to imprisonment (i.e. denying 'the Holocaust' ever took place). Further, (2) at this time also involves countering the unhealthy and anti-natural morality of suppression of the Nazarene.

All these are, however, tactics to achieve broader strategic goals - they are means, only; these means can and often do change as the times changes - as societies change. For instance, regarding (2)(a) above - in a society which was tyrannically anti-egalitarian, the tactic would probably be to aid egalitarian tendencies.

II. On a higher level, the dialectic is concerned with long-term evolution - with the creation and change of civilizations and ultimately with the creation of a new type of individual, a new species. This means altering our evolution, this alteration being toward the `Satanic'.

This means two things - or rather two tactical approaches. (1) Enabling individuals to change themselves, to evolve, consciously, and so become part of that evolutionary change. (2) Changing/influencing the structures (such as societies) to make them instruments for such change or at least not detrimental to it.

(1) Involves such things as External and Internal Magick - a following of the Seven Fold Sinister Way. (2) Involves Aeonic magick - e.g. the creation of new archetypal forms or images and the infection in the psyche of others which results from introducing them - and gaining/using influence.

It should be understood that while the tactics of I above can and do change, the tactics used to attain II remain essentially the same because the goal is precise. Further, I in many ways aids II - that is, the opposition to some fixed idea or dogma, accepted at a particular moment in history, provokes a change and leads to a new synthesis and thus an evolution of conscious understanding in individuals, thus aiding the sinister dialectic on a higher level.

Essentially, I is exoteric, and II esoteric Satanism - and it is necessary to make this distinction because the means of I vary with time (over centuries) while II remains relatively fixed, and all too often novices (and others) confuse a tactic used in I (such as politics) as something Satanic when it is only a tactic, a means, a form.

The reason 'why' there is (in genuine Satanism, anyway) a sinister strategy - a dimension beyond the personal - is simple: it is in the nature of Satanism (genuine Satanism, anyway) itself. Satanism at its highest level is concerned with 'cosmic change' - that is, it is an expression of the evolution of conscious existence. Evolution is something we, as conscious beings, can participate in and indeed create - by so doing, we are extending the range of our being, fulfilling (and going beyond) the potential we possess; affirming our existence in the most intense way possible. Viewed another way (in terms developed recently to explicate such things - i.e. make them more conscious and thus controllable) Satanism accesses the acausal, via nexions, and so increases the amount of the acausal presenced in the causal. These nexions are psychic (within the psyche of individuals), physical (places on Earth where the causal and acausal intersect or are close) or created via magickal rites.

Aeonics, and the sinister dialectic, are means which enhance our existence as Individuals - which offer us the opportunity not only to increase our consciousness and our abilities, but to use that consciousness and those abilities.
Thus, Satanism, correctly understood, is more than a glorification of the ego, or an indulgence in pleasures, or some kind of intellectual, 'esoteric' knowledge. It is also more than just living 'on the edge' and garnishing dark and other experiences [that is only a stage - qv. the MS 'The Practice of Evil, In Context'].

In essence, the sinister dialectic is Satanism and Satanists in action - it is Satanists playing at god: altering themselves, others, societies, civilization and evolution itself. This is its purpose, and the justification of sinister strategy.

Order of Nine Angles
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The Sinister Dialectic - Anton Long
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